Basic pole moves and tricks

Basic pole moves and tricks for right handed people.

The Fairy

Stand with the pole on your right hand side. Put your right hand on the pole above your head, and the left hand holding the pole at chest level. Swing the left leg outward and around -bringing it to to pole and hook the crook of the knee around the pole. Whilst spinning around pick up your right leg and bring it to the pole.Swing round and finish standing.

Pole Dancing

One arm Fireman

Stand with the pole on your right hand side. Walk around the pole, holding on with your right hand at about head level. Left hand doesn't touch the pole. Using the left leg for momentum, swing it round in the direction you want to spin, bringing the right leg to join it and wrap them around the pole (ankles crossed). The left arm can be left on the hip, stretched out, or used to flick the hair. If you feel you're slowing down whip your head around which will make you speed up. End standing.

Back Slide

Stand with the pole against your back. Place both hands above your head holding on to the pole. Kick your strongest leg up first, then quickly your other leg to join it. (whilst doing this, it should feel as if your pulling the pole forward with your hands, and your spine should be firmly placed against the pole). You can finish standing on both feet, or after the kick bring legs back down and slide down against the pole to end sitting.

Climbing the Pole

There is no right or wrong way to climb the pole. but you need to make it look graceful. Turn towards the pole and place your right hand up above your head and your right foot against the pole. (Shoes can help with this as they cause friction against the pole).Then just climb up left hand above, then right etc. Once at the top of the pole you can do whatever you want - by wrapping both legs around you can sit on the pole, hands free as friction on the thighs should hold your body weight, or you can tip upside down.

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